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July 19, 2011


Your flowers are beautiful. It makes me sad that falls is coming.

So I read about your cheesecake on Meg's blog. I've made it twice now and both times the middle didn't get done. Yesterday I added two cups of mini chocolate chips so there was a ton of batter in the pan when I baked it. I kept adding to the baking time and eventually the top and edges were starting to burn, but when we cooled and cut it the middle was goop. Help!

I'm so frustrated because the parts that bake all the way taste so good but it doesn't look nice and firm and pretty like yours. I think my pan is too small and maybe doesn't work as well because it's shiny metal. What do you think?

Um - earth to Shana!!
In an effort to not lose contact with the entire world - I thought I would check your blog.
WOW! Pictures are awesome. You guys have been doing so much!
Love & Miss You

beautiful alex. :)
i love the back lit ones with the sun coming through.....

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