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May 20, 2011


@ Lynda - I fb'd you! :)

@ Amy - You are so encouraging. I miss you!

@ Squeaks - I emailed your momma! :)

@ Jake - you are a hoot. ILY.

Ah! Squeaks has appeared! *gasp* She has found me out! *ducks*

Interesting post, Mum! Keep writing. :) Your fans want MORE.

Hi Pam,

Yeah, going gluten free is tough. My mom is gluten free and she's pretty much banned gluten from the house :P (aside from several staples that the rest of us gluten-tolerant folks can eat lol, like bread and such). She's been at it for quite a while now and I'd highly suggest her as a source if you ever want to talk about recipies or such. She's got some AMAZING recipies for gluten free (the deserts are the beeesst! ever! I'm a huuuge fan of desert and let me tell you, she has these lemon bars she makes that just kill! They're way better than any gluten-ish recipe :P )

Her blog address is: http://cprezra823.blogspot.com/
And her contact email for her blog is: cpr{dot}ezra{dot}8{dot}23{at}gmail{dot}com

I follow most of your kids :P we all are on the Underground and write :D they're such awesome people!! God has totally blessed you!


Oh, bummer! I was just bragging about your cinnamon rolls the other day! By the way, I owe you a THANK YOU note for the pie crust shapers (hmm, what are they called?). That was such a surprise, actually! Fun, fun!

I recently read about the Serbian tennis player who switched to gluten free because of a gluten allergy and now he is smoking the tennis circuit! Perhaps good things are in store for you! :)

Condolences on the diagnosis,

Pam, I don't know if it would help you, but a bunch of us at church are doing The Daniel Plan from Saddleback Church www.danielplan.com

It is whole foods, lots of fruits and veggies and meat and most any grain but wheat :-). There are a lot of recipes on the site as well. I'm only into the 3rd week, so the jury is still out, but I am not finding it hard to stick to this plan and I feel better.

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